January 3,2018 

Please note that we will be posting the dates for the Georgia Shows soon​

2016/2017 Georgia NPC Show Final Scores

2016/2017 NPC Georgia Bodybuilding Show Scores

​2016/ 2017 NPC Eastern Seaboard Scores

2016/2017  NPC Atlantic USA Scores

​2016/2017 NPC USA Coastal Scores

​2016 Lee Haney Games Scores

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 are available on line:

( Please note that you should screenshot or make a copy of your NPC card for registration)

This web site is for information regarding the NPC and NPC Sanctioned shows. If you have any questions regarding registration, tickets or sponsorship you should contact the promoter directly.
On behalf of the Georgia District of the NPC we would like to thank all of you for participating in the local and national NPC shows. The NPC organization continues to grow due to your active participation and support. Please note that your participation as an athlete in the NPC is not taken for granted but greatly appreciated.  As you prepare for 2018 "Remember there is always time to regroup from past failures, revisit your attitude and revise your physique." See you in 2018 !
Georgia NPC  

Chairman Ty "Ropeman" Felder

Vice Chairman - Vince Crawford


Doug Jerry
 Vincent Crawford (IFBB and National NPC)
IFBB Pro Rashid "Roc" Shabazz
Maynard "Chip: White


IFBB Pro Cassandra Floyd (Female Physique)

IFBB Pro Wendell Floyd (Bodybuilding)

IFBB Pro Jay Rowe ( Bodybuilding)

IFBB Pro Melanise Pettee (Figure)

IFBB Pro Christy Allen (Figure)

IFBB Pro Simona Douglas (Figure)

Roy Bacani

Jesse Mones

Maria Wells (South Ga. Rep)


Ricardo Quinn - Head Scores

Germaine Johnson - Head Registration

Libby Terwillinger - Registration

Dallas Johnson (MC/Female Athlete Rep)